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Founder of The WebiNerd™ to Host Ongoing Webinar Series on Best Practices for Virtual Events

Zoom Expert, Joshua Jones, to Lead Reboot & Rejoin Webinar Series Launching February 26, 2021 The WebiNerd™, a leading consultant and tech support for online events, is launching a series…

5 phrases to cut from your Q&A

Have you noticed you can often anticipate what people are going to say? It probably happens to you all day long whether it’s your child sitting down to their school…

We played Dungeons and Dragons as a Team Building Experience.

We hired a DM to host 6 hours of adventuring. It was WebiNerd-tastic! Here’s what we learned. We’re a rather small but quickly growing firm with a 100% remote workforce.…

Speaker POV At Talk

Simplifying Hybrid Events – Part One

Hybrid events blend in-person and virtual participation. But why?  You’re going to be hearing a lot about hybrid events (a mix of virtual and in-person participants) this year, make no…

Using OBS to stream pre-recorded video via Zoom

OBS stands for Open Broadcasting Software and is an open source video streaming tool. If you plan on playing multiple videos for your Zoom Meeting or Webinar or desire a…

Run of Show – Your Virtual Event Needs One, and Here’s How to Do It

Take pen to paper (or keys to the computer) and map out your online event early on in planning. Here we walk you through best practices and include some samples to get you started.

Prevent Unwanted Disruptions on Zoom

You’ve taken all the steps to prevent Zoom bombing before your Zoom call, and now you want additional security once you are in your meeting. Below are some of our…

Child In Online Class

A Second Device Will Amp Up Your Zoom Classroom And Your Online Teaching

Okay, teachers, we know this has been the most challenging year of your career so far. Hold tight, we’ve got you when it comes to using Zoom to run your…

Child At Computer

Our top 3 Zoom tips to help teachers start the school year

With more distance learning expected across the globe this coming school year, we want to share some easy ways to enhance your students’ experience. One of the biggest challenges we…

Woman At Computer

Use Music to Enhance Your Online Event with Zoom: Getting Started

You don’t need to be an audio engineer to elevate your webinar or meeting with thoughtfully chosen melodies. This is Part 1 of our three part series talking about using…

Man In Headphones Smiling

Use Music to Enhance Your Online Event with Zoom: Sharing Pre-Recorded Music

You don’t need to be an audio engineer to elevate your webinar or meeting with thoughtfully chosen melodies. This is Part 2 of our three part series talking about using…

Man Playing Music On Laptop

Use Music to Enhance Your Online Event with Zoom: Sharing Live Music

This is Part 3 of our three part series talking about using music to elevate your Zoom meetings and webinars. In this section we will talk about sharing your music…

Woman At Laptop

Embrace working from home and use Zoom like a pro.

The WebiNerd has always been fully remote, and we like to think of ourselves as pretty experienced when it comes to creating a professional “virtual office” and online meetings. Here…

Web Meeting

Select the Zoom Platform that Works Best with your Online Event – Meeting vs. Webinar

Zoom Meeting and Webinar platforms are similar in many ways but each have unique features that can impact the function and feel of your online event. Here we will help…

5 Tips for Looking Great on Camera in Your Zoom Meeting

As more people are driven to presenting online, it’s important to consider your on-camera appearance before going live. We’ve listed five crucial tips for you to implement to ensure that you look your best on camera.

How to Prevent Zoom Bombing

A successful Zoom meeting host will use these best practices to keep meetings secure, private, and avoid unwelcome disruption. Update as of April, 27, 2020: Zoom 5.0 has been released…


This is how you host planning meetings

Every successful journey begins with a first step. Planning your webinar or online meeting is no exception. Use the following tips to host an event planning meeting that accomplishes everything…

Screenshot From Interview

Interview with David Maldow of Let’s Do Video

In this interview, Joshua joins friend and colleague in the industry, David Maldow of Let’s Do Video to talk about The WebiNerd and the Producer’s Guide that we’re providing to…

Question And Answer

Engagement Tips: Hosting an effective Q&A session

As you work to improve the quality of your webinars, the topic of engagement will come up constantly. Engagement can be defined and achieved in various ways. Most simply, webinar…

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