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The WebiNerd offers a wide range of services to support the production of virtual, hybrid and blended events.

Coaching and Consulting

Virtual Event Coaching gives your team the keys to success! Take a deep dive into online events, meetings and webinars with an emphasis on your specific use cases. Packages are modular and customized to suit your individual needs.

Live Event Support

Your event producers and project coordinators will guide you throughout event planning and execution. We work behind the scenes to help ensure that your event is a success. We handle the technology so you can focus on the content.

Client Helpdesk Support

Whether you’re hosting a huge webinar with thousands of attendees or a smaller meeting with crucial VIPs, our Client Help Team is here to help. Our CHiT Chat team is ready to respond via live chat, email, text and phone.

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We believe in sharing the wealth when in comes to our expertise in virtual events.
Our content page is where we share best practices and tech tips.

Should you grow a virtual production team? What to consider before you hire.

Best Practices

Understand the risks associated with hiring an in-house virtual events manager and the benefits that hiring an outside firm can…

Unlocking Efficiency and Engagement: The Power of Pre-Recorded Webinars

Best Practices, Video Tips and Tricks
With pre-recorded webinars, your speakers have the option to appear as flawless orators who rarely say “um” or “uh” while guiding your audience through dense content where there is no room for error. They can also eliminate the scramble to find a common schedule for busy presenters when you're working across multiple time zones. While they may rub against some of our best instincts as event organizers, pre-recorded or simulated-live webinars offer several clear benefits that may make recording your presentations in advance ideal for some of your virtual events.

Behind the Scenes Heroes: Choosing the Right Virtual Event Production Support Services for You

Best Practices

In the age of digital connectivity, virtual events have become increasingly popular and more important than ever. They offer an…

Increase Your Virtual Event ROI with Creative Video Editing

Audio Tips and Tricks, Best Practices, Video Tips and Tricks

Simply recording your virtual event or meeting is easy if you're using one of the major conferencing platforms. Just click…

The Right Mix of Talent & Technology: a Recipe for Virtual Event Success

Best Practices

Presenting in a virtual format takes some skill and preparation to do it well. Hiring a virtual event producer will…

Our Top 5 Tips for Mastering a Slide Deck Presentation in Zoom

Best Practices

Presenting in a virtual format takes some skill and preparation to do it well. Whether you’re using PowerPoint, PDF, or…

Ways to Say “Next Slide” Without Using That Overworked Phrase

Best Practices
Are your panelists losing their flow by saying “Next slide” on repeat as they move through a shared slide deck? With a little creativity and practice, you can use this solution to elevate your audience engagement and add some polish to your presentations. 

Case Study: Invoca demonstrates “Sky’s the Limit”

Case Studies, Inspiration

How Invoca, the leader in AI-powered conversation intelligence for revenue teams, infused their virtual event with their company culture. An interview with…

5 Best Webcams For Hybrid Meetings

The 5 Best Webcams for Your Hybrid Events

Video Tips and Tricks

We compare these popular webcams to help you turn any workspace into a hybrid or blended meeting environment on a…

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