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The WebiNerd offers a wide range of services to support the production of virtual, hybrid and blended events.

Coaching and Consulting

Virtual Event Coaching gives your team the keys to success! Take a deep dive into online events, meetings and webinars with an emphasis on your specific use cases. Packages are modular and customized to suit your individual needs.

Live Event Support

Your event producers and project coordinators will guide you throughout event planning and execution. We work behind the scenes to help ensure that your event is a success. We handle the technology so you can focus on the content.

Client Helpdesk Support

Whether you’re hosting a huge webinar with thousands of attendees or a smaller meeting with crucial VIPs, our Client Help Team is here to help. Our CHiT Chat team is ready to respond via live chat, email, text and phone.

Dive in to our knowledge base of experience.

We believe in sharing the wealth when in comes to our expertise in virtual events.
Our content page is where we share best practices and tech tips.

5 Best Webcams For Hybrid Meetings

The 5 Best Webcams for Your Hybrid Events

Video Tips and Tricks

We compare these popular webcams to help you turn any workspace into a hybrid or blended meeting environment on a…

Helping Non-Profits in a Virtual/Hybrid World

Non-Profits and Fundraising
A successful virtual event connects your organization with important donors in a highly convenient and inclusive environment. Remain competitive in your virtual programs with strategic planning and technology support.

Get Rid of Those Gray Boxes in Zoom

Video Tips and Tricks, Zoom Features

In Zoom and other screen sharing applications, those gray boxes you sometimes see floating on top of your shared screen…

Tips for Recording Your Presentation for Live Playback

Using Media to Enhance Virtual Events, Video Tips and Tricks

Pre-record content for virtual events with these tips and best practices to make your videos seem natural, polished and set-up…

Virtual Event Coaching Services

Online Teaching
Whether you are preparing for your first virtual event or looking to skill up for a high-visibility hybrid conference, we want to help you prepare to be your best.

Top 4 Ways to Record Video for Live Playback in a Virtual Event

Using Media to Enhance Virtual Events, Video Tips and Tricks

Successfully record content for your virtual events using affordable and free software. At The WebiNerd we’ve produced thousands of virtual…

Sharing Video Clips in a Zoom Meeting


More frequently, we hear from clients that want to playback video as a portion or primary content for their events.…

Hotkeys You Need to Know for Zoom


Memorizing a few of our favorite hotkeys can make working in your Zoom calls extra easy. Hotkeys (also called Keyboard…

Simplifying Hybrid Events – Audio Options

Audio Tips and Tricks, Best Practices

Take an audio-first approach to your hybrid events. When you plan a hybrid event it is necessary to take the…

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