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Live Production Support

Hire a dedicated expert to have in your pocket throughout your event planning and execution. When you are paired with one of our event producers they will take you through all the best practices for an exceptional virtual event. Live production support includes planning and rehearsal, tech consultation, and our team working behind the scenes to help ensure that your live event is a success. We become your trusted partner for everything virtual event.

$299 | Per hour
$999 | Flat fee for up to 4 hours of prep, rehearsal and live support

Virtual Event Technical Consulting

Our coaching is modular so you can choose a path that works for your team. Each module will be customized even further as we gather details on your organization and event needs. Included in every module.

  • Technical coaching and Instruction for small groups or 1:1
  • Hourly consultation for best practices and platform selection
  • Recordings of our time together for future review!

$299 | Per hour
Customized discount pricing available.

Learn more about our consulting and coaching
Video Editing

Elevate your evergreen content with professional video editing services. From trimming dead air and transitions to enhancing audio quality and adding enhancements to capture your audience, we refine your recordings so you can maximize your ROI and ensure every moment is polished to perfection so it can be provided for playback and archival content.

$225 | Per hour
$400 | Flat fee for up to 90 minutes of webinar content

Learn more about our video editing process
Our Process

No matter which service you choose for your event, we are hands-on and focusing on asking the right questions,
learning the details of your event, and walk with you through the process while offering our expertise.

1. Discovery Call

During the discovery call we’ll gather any information you have so far about your event and business. We’ll ask some questions, answer yours, and then we’ll follow up with a cost estimate.

2. Producer Assigned

Once you decide to move forward with us you’ll be matched with one of our experienced Producers. Your producer will walk with you from now until the close of your event.

3. Planning Meeting

We’ll meet with your primary stakeholders to set expectations for the event and answer questions. We’ll make sure that your account and event settings match your needs and establish next steps to ensure that you are on the right track to success.

4. Technical Rehearsal

Sometimes called a “dry run” we will present an overview of the technology platform, roles and responsibilities, as well as the event flow. We’ll take time to work through any challenges with the technology to help ensure a smooth execution on the day of the live event.

5. Live Event Support

We handle the technology so you can focus on the content and talent. We’ll assist you in managing the features of the platform, respond to technical questions from the staff or audience, spotlight speakers, and support any troubleshooting along the way.

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