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Helping Non-Profits in a Virtual/Hybrid World

A successful virtual event connects your organization with important donors in a highly convenient and inclusive environment. Remain competitive in your virtual programs with strategic planning and technology support.

What fundraising challenges do you face when you can’t be in person? How can you increase your ROI and participation?

These are some of the questions we tackle in our conversation with Sari McConnell, Strategic Fundraising Consultant and Founder of Donor Boom to discuss:

“Deepening the relationship with your donor…the more creative you can get with respect to connecting to donors, the better.”

Sari McConnell.

Grab some popcorn and click to play the video below! We hope you find this information helpful and thoughtful as you start planning for your fall conferences.

Major shifts in fundraising events

Virtual has worked its way into donor programs. Sari helps us learn about the crucial changes to track in fundraising. Highlights include greater ROI on Virtual compared to In-Person Events, donor stewardship, expressing your impact in small or large groups.

Remaining competitive in your virtual programs

It’s time to elevate the quality of your delivery online. That’s the major message here. Our audiences have been very accepting and appreciative to this point. As familiarity with virtual events increases, so do the expectations of outcomes. Improve your audio quality, video presence and content to optimize your message and present with greater impact.

Future trends in virtual fundraising

Revisit your strategic fundraising plan – much has certainly changed. Where can you insert virtual? Data is more accessible via virtual providing greater opportunity to communicate and guide the donor experience. 

When to hire a professional

“You can deliver…damage to the credibility of your organization if you try to pull off a virtual event that is a waste of your donor’s time.” The expertise to run a quality virtual event does not exist in most nonprofits. Don’t take the risk of losing donors to mishaps. 

Creative ways to use the technology

Fundraising live, on screen using simple and familiar tools including slides, live capture of the thermometer, text to give platforms. We also talk about VIP meet and greet opportunities, expanding your reach and enhancing accessibility.

Let’s talk as you start planning for your virtual and hybrid events.

Join us on July 30th for our next free webinar for non-profits where we’ll dive into some fun ways to enhance your virtual experiences.

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