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This is how you host planning meetings

Every successful journey begins with a first step. Planning your webinar or online meeting is no exception. Use the following tips to host an event planning meeting that accomplishes everything that you intend from the start.

This is an excerpt from our Online Event Producer’s Guide. Download the free resources here!

Hosting a successful planning meeting

The planning meeting is typically 30 minutes in duration but may be longer. Use this time to get to know the client and build rapport. Discuss the purpose of the event, the intended audience; check in on expectations and key performance indicators. Be prepared to explain platform features and settings and make the best possible suggestions for the use case. 

The producer will schedule a meeting and invite the host, client and key stakeholders.
Use the producer’s data sheet to organize notes.
Use screen sharing to assure that everyone is on the same page.

  1. Greet the client and establish rapport
  2. Discuss the expected flow of the event
  3. Establish the roles of the client and presenters in the event
  4. Set expectations for the producer’s role in support, moderation, recording…  
  5. Confirm that the host can log into the platform 
  6. Review the platform account status and level of service
  7. Review platform settings and features are on/off as needed
    Chat, co-host, attention tracking, waiting room, recording, etc…
  8. Confirm the event is properly scheduled in the platform
  9. Review all platform advanced options for the event
  10. Prepare for and schedule the technical rehearsal
  11. Review and ready the invitations for panelists and attendees
  12. Establish key takeaways and action items

Confirm that all client questions are answered.

I want to emphasize that this is step one in delivering a smoothly-run and high-quality online event to your audience. If you want to do more to amplify your online events, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation or reach out and let’s do something great together.

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