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Teaching Yoga in the Remote World

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3. Teaching Yoga in the Remote World

Laurie Burnaby is founder of Repose Therapeutic Yoga in Buellton, CA. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 and related shutdown of in-person services caused her to move her practice online. 

Joshua Jones from The WebiNerd sat down with our favorite Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Laurie Burnaby, Founder of RePose Therapeutic Yoga. Laurie meets with our team weekly to bring us a much-needed dose of relaxation, stretching and mindfulness. It has truly been a gift to our team and we’re happy to share with you why we offer yoga to our staff.

Part One: Meet Laurie Burnaby

We discuss Laurie’s background and how she came to practice yoga and, more specifically, restorative yoga. We all come into our true selves along the way, and Laurie’s story can help to inform us that where we start is not always where we are destined to go.

Part Two: Yoga in the Remote Workplace

We discuss the practice of Yoga in the workplace, how yoga helps with focus and how to counteract the physical effects of desk work. Laurie makes great recommendations on how to change your day for more productivity with breathing and movement breaks. Learn how to release effectively and “cultivate the opposite” of your normal movements.

Part Three: Teaching Yoga Online

We discuss what is different about teaching and doing Yoga in the virtual environment: time saved, accessibility, comfort of the participants. Laurie has seen great improvements to her practice from virtual classes, but they are not without challenges. Learn how Laurie has adapted her practice.

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