Hire a dedicated expert to have in your pocket throughout your event planning and execution. We’ll work behind the scenes with you to help ensure that your event takes place without complication.
$825 | 4 hours of event support

Event planning: 1 hour

To get you started, we’ll meet with your primary stakeholders to review your expectations for the event and answer your questions. We’ll make sure that your account and event settings match your needs and establish next steps to ensure that you are on the right track to success.

Technical rehearsal: 1 hour

Invite your staff and guest speakers or their representatives to join us for an overview of the technology platform, roles and responsibilities of each team member involved as well as the event flow and presentation of your content. We’ll take time to work through any challenges with the technology to help ensure a smooth execution on the day of the live event.

Pre-event setup: 30 minutes

On the day of your event, we’ll join you in the “green room” 30 minutes prior to starting. We’ll establish each team member is in session and that they are able to fulfill their responsibilities, provide a countdown to the start of the event and allow your attendees to join at the designated time.

Live event support: 1 hour

When you’re ready to go live, we’ll be there with you to confirm attendees have joined successfully. We can deliver or coach your team on delivering a succinct housekeeping for your audience so that they know how to participate. We’ll confirm that the session is being recorded and assist you in managing the features of the platform including responses to technical questions from the staff or audience.

Post-event review: 30 minutes

Following your event, we’ll meet to discuss and review, celebrate successes and what areas may need attention. We can assist with accessing your reports and recording. You’ll walk away with a clear plan for future success.