For the professional who wants a seemless finished product that looks like the work of an entire production team. We'll manage the platform and you focus on your message.

$825/per event
Pay per event
4 hours of support
Add-on services available


For the powerhouse coach, entrepeneur or team that wants to do better or those just getting started. Receive exclusive, VIP access to content and coaching not found anywhere else.

$2,300/per month
Up to 4 events a month
12 hours of support
Add-on services available

Boot Camp

Give your meeting and webinar users the keys to success! Take a deep dive into online events, meetings and webinars with an emphasis on your specific use cases. Customize the curriculum.

$2,000for 3 courses
5 courses - $3,000
7 courses - $3,400
10 courses - $4,000