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The power of small mistakes

Do you remember this image? 

This is Shaukat Yousafzai; a politician in Pakistan delivering a press conference. The image is from a live stream broadcast to the Facebook page of his political party in June 2019. Pretty funny, right?

It just about broke my heart when I saw it first. I was immediately struck by the fact that someone could lose their job over an incident like this. Sure, it’s funny to the outside observer – hilarious even – but you know that someone was most certainly scolded or worse for the gaffe. This is easily avoided by running a technical test before going live.

In a mission-critical situation, small mistakes can leave a huge and lasting impression. This applies to our online events of any sort including live streams. Cameras have settings that can sometimes change without notice. Some people have yet to figure out how to actively manage their audio/muting. Your presenter forgot to put their dog outside or their kids walk in on live TV talking about North Korea (another favorite). This would have been easily prevented by rechecking the presentation space and locking the door. 

These embarrassing incidents also serve as a good reminder to not take oneself too seriously. Most of the time, the situation is not so highly visible or scrutinized as the above examples. In those low-stress situations, feel free enough to have a laugh at yourself if you make a mistake or something truly weird takes place. Let yourself be human. People can relate much more to a casual but professional engagement than they can a stiff and overly-serious one. I’ve seen goofs in live webinars that turn into endearing situations that people can really connect with. Fix the mistake, live with the mistake and learn how to not ever do it again. Just be careful to remain positive about the event and not too critical of yourself or others while you’re live – save the deriding for later. 

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