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The case for investing in a well run webinar

Let’s do a quick exercise. I’d like you to think back to a terrible webinar that you’ve attended. Just close your eyes and give it a good shudder.

What went wrong? Was it bad audio or video? Were the presenters struggling with the technology, losing the slide war or trying to do too much? Did you stay on? How long? Imagine being that host or presenter (I really hope you weren’t).

It feels terrible, right? A failed webinar or online meeting has costs, pure and simple. Lost time and reputation…lost revenue.

Now, please think back to a really great webinar that you’ve been a part of. What stands out as something that went well?

I’m certain that you’re not thinking about the technology right now. I hope you’re considering an engaging presentation with stopping points for interaction and a high level of responsiveness to the audience.

A truly successful online event will take place without the participants noticing the technology and platform in use. When we join, the invite is easy to find and we get right in. When the audio comes through, it is warm, present and clear. When the video is on, it is properly lit, placed and clean. When slides are shared, they are visually appealing, highly specific and well designed. At no point do we want our audience to think about the technology unless they are wondering how the heck we did it so well.

That’s the bar and it’s really not that hard to get over with the proper knowledge. It’s sometimes much like that old duck analogy: we may be kicking our flippers like crazy behind the scenes, but we’re showing only grace and precision above the waterline. But, we can do better than a duck. The right event producer allows the presentation to reach full sprint. And, let’s face it… If you’re not trying to do better, someone else is and they are right behind you.

If you want to do more to amplify your online events, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation or reach out and let’s do something great together.

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