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Host tips for more professional meetings using Zoom – Waiting Room

A rough start to your meeting costs time – even reputation. By taking advantage of these tips and best practices, you can guarantee that your meetings start smoothly and on time.

Use the Waiting Room as a green room

Zoom has a waiting room feature for meetings that allows your participants to wait on hold when they join. This feature is commonly used for office hours where participants may come and go over time, but we’re going to use it as a green room to give you time to prepare.

With the Waiting Room enabled, you can start your meeting early and get set up in private. Test sound, video and content sharing while your participants gather in the waiting room. Admit individuals like staff early to help you test or prepare and admit all attendees with one click when you are ready to start. Participants in the waiting room cannot see or hear you or one another while on hold. It’s easy to do and will guarantee your meeting starts in a controlled and professional manner. 

Enable Waiting Room: Visit your advanced meeting settings and scroll to the bottom to find Waiting Room. With a Pro account, you can customize with a logo and text.

Schedule with Waiting Room: When you schedule a meeting, choose to place participants in the waiting room by default upon joining by checking “enable waiting room”. I use this as a default setting for all of my meetings. 

Manage the Waiting Room: Participants joined to the waiting room will show at the top of the Participants panel. Float your mouse over a name to admit the individual – staff that joins early – or click “admit all” when you are ready to start. To move a participant back to the waiting room, float your mouse over their name, click more and choose “put in waiting room”.  

Turn the Waiting Room on and off: Once you are in session, you can decide whether attendees should join the waiting room by default. Once you have admitted all participants from the waiting room and have started the meeting, turn off the waiting room so that all new participants will join the meeting directly. 

Knowing just a bit more about how to properly manage your meeting platform makes all of the difference. Please comment and ask questions or contact us to schedule a free consultation. If you know someone that would benefit from this content, please share. 

Let’s do something great together!

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