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Why The WebiNerd recommends Zoom

There are many online meeting and webinar platforms to choose from in the world of online events. It’s important to take the time to consider the platform that’s best for you early on, so do take the time to consider your options.

I have worked with other platforms and will surely need to again, but here are some obvious reasons that I choose Zoom as my preferred platform. We’ll follow that up with a few pros and cons and hope that this helps you to choose the right platform for you.

Zoom Video Communications was founded in 2011 and came to market in 2013. I started working for Zoom as a technical trainer and services consultant in 2015. I no longer work for Zoom and have no obligation to promote their services, but you are welcome to use my referral code. You can get one too through their referral program.

It fits like a glove! The first time I launched a Zoom meeting, I said to myself (for real), “oh, this is what they were all trying to do!” It’s super simple to use and highly intuitive. I immediately spent far less time helping people learn and use the software than ever before, which allows me to focus on offering guidance and best practices for hosting meetings and webinars.

Turn on your video! Being able to see your meeting participants or presenters is proven effective at increasing engagement, satisfaction and trust in virtual communication. Zoom is designed with a video-first mentality and provides the highest quality video – up to 720p – without eating up an obscene amount of bandwidth and data so you can use it on wifi and mobile (I always prefer to wire into LAN for crucial events though). With an available option to increase video resolution up to 1080p, I trust Zoom will continue to set the pace of development in video communications at a distance for quite some time.

It’s loaded with features! Zoom has a lot of robust features and can accommodate just about any use case. Hop over to your account settings to enable and disable settings before starting your meeting or webinar. Take a look! There may be some features that you didn’t even know were available. Zoom is still developing their platform rapidly and I know we can expect new and improved features consistently.


Video is crucial – Easy to use and high quality. Your meetings and webinars will benefit from turning on your webcam, conference room cameras or even video switching devices.

Ease of use – It works, it’s intuitive and it’s built on modern code.

Unified communication – Aside from video-first meetings and webinars, Zoom comes with chat built in and users can turn on Zoom Phone offering the bulk of business communications to take place in one platform.

Just one software – Zoom provides one software client for both meetings and webinars which makes learning super quick and easy.

Fast-paced development – Zoom is growing rapidly and has a rapid release cycle. While this may slow down over time, we can expect the platform to be consistently improved.

Apps and integrations – Head over to the zoom marketplace ( or developer site for an extensive list of apps, integrations and APIs.

Culture – It’s a positive organization focused on providing happiness and they do good things in the communities where their offices are located.


Control of attendee interface – Each participant in a meeting controls their own view including video layout, active videos, chat, etc. Webinar hosts have more control of the attendee’s view.

Reporting – Access CSV reports. It could be better and I’m confident that it will be.

If you want to do more to amplify your online events, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation or reach out and let’s do something great together.

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